Code With Friends

Learn new things! Make cool stuff! Have fun! Do all that, with an online community of friends.

This event has ended! Thank you to everyone who participated. Keep an eye out on this page and on Mayuko’s social media for news on the next Code With Friends (Fall 2020)!

Code With Friends was a month-long event in May where people world-wide come together to work on coding projects of their own, all with an online community. This was the first of its kind, run by husband and wife duo Mayuko Inoue and Scott Kwang.

This is not a competition, nor a hackathon - think of it more as a month long science fair, where at the end we’ll all be able to see and marvel at each other’s creations. Make things at your own pace and be proud of what you’ve learned and made in the course of a month!

At the end of the month, each person who submits a project will receive a sticker of the logo, and everyone will vote on each other’s projects to win some fun awards (i.e. “Most likely to entertain my dog”).

Whether you’re home from school or working from home, we all have a lot more free time on our hands in this time of social distancing. This is a great chance to learn something new, or to tackle that project that has been on your mind forever.

Now let’s take advantage of all of this new found time and make some cool stuff!


With all of us shut away in our homes, what better theme than Quarantine Improvement? Build something, anything, multiple things that will improve your quarantine life. Maybe you’ve been spending too much time milling around and need a pomodoro timer to keep you on track, or maybe you need a way to keep track of your online spending due to cabin fever. See examples in How To Enter.

Past Events

Kickoff Livestream with Mayuko and Scott

Biweekly Coworking Sessions hosted by Mayuko on

Closing Ceremony with Mayuko and Scott